Our Story

I always have to take my documents and credit cards with me, but usually there is not enough space in my pocket for them. However, I don’t want to take a bag just to keep these items in it.

I work as a designer and architecture – my job is to create objects and buildings. And because I like thick leather wristlets, the idea was obvious to create a special one for my credit cards and documents.
The first version was more like a wrist bag which functioned well, but it was difficult to take the cards out of it when I wore long sleeve shirts – that’s why I came up with the “unbrace technique” – that is to say, the whole wristlet can come forward when I unbrace a clip.

It could have been the end of the story… But it happened differently.
When I have started to wear the wristlet, more and more people began to ask where they could get their own – first just cashiers, petrol station attendants and waiters, but then even an Italian custom officer was interested in the wristlet when I took my family’s documents out of it.

I have been thinking about creating a real product out of it – but the final decision was born when I received my first contactless credit card. So nowadays it’s enough using my wrist to pay. And it makes my days much easier – it grew to be of great help when I have packages with me or if I have to make calls during shopping
It’s hard to imagine my life without it - I see people trying to find their documents or cards in their pockets and bags – and it feels so good that I don’t have to do this anymore.

More and more people became interested, so I started to create a team who can help me to develop the product and launch it on the market.
Fortunately, I am successful in my profession so generating profit is not the main drive for me in this business – it is much more important to create an innovation of real value that can help us in everyday life.

I’m glad I managed to reach my goal: our products are made by handicapped people. Because for them it is not just a job – this cooperation can give meaning to their lives. I believe that it’s nice to be well dressed, and it’s even nicer if by choosing stylish accessories consciously we end up helping other. That’s why I created limited editions series that support good causes. We don’t make any profit on these products because the full purchase price* will be received by a foundation *(after deduction of taxes)

Due to its durability, strength and flexibility, the leather is the only suitable raw material. Leather is the most ancient material what we use, but the chrome tanning is harmful to the environment and the health of factory workers. That’s why I insist on always purchasing the raw material from strictly monitored factories that comply with EU regulations.

As an amateur diver, I am solicitous about the conditions of our seas and oceans and it would break my heart seeing our wrappings damaging our environment. That’s why I promised myself that we won’t use plastic for the product and packaging.
That’s why we designed this package to be multifunctional: you can keep your arm wallet or anything else in it, but it can be useful in the pantry, help to keep your pair of socks together in the washing machine or function as a moth repellent if you fill it with lavender.